The next big thing in tech: China

Having saturated the Chinese market, Seasun are now expanding onto a world stage. Backed by the might of Kingsoft (one of China’s biggest tech companies) and with a fiercely entrepreneurial and ambitious spirit, the invitation to v3 is simple: bring our magic to the world. For us, this is an exciting opportunity - not only to take a new business to new markets, but to share a new Chinese creativity and spirit with a global community of game developers, investors and players.

Seasun - A New Era

What gamers want

The most popular games in China recall familiar legends and conjure mystic arts against a backdrop of ancient China. We asked, if Seasun is to become a gaming global leader, could Western gamers relate? Through research and testing, we found that transcending cultural borders was about creating authentic stories with true quality and craft. What gamers really wanted was to escape, believe in and control their alternate realities, regardless of where they may be in the real world. With inspiration from east and west, it was possible to create globally authentic stories. 

Gamed in China

Through full immersion and fluid collaboration, we worked with Seasun’s creative and technical teams to co-create their new identity. Proudly rooted in Chinese culture, and with a careful balance of eastern and western aesthetics, ‘Gamed in China’ was the new idea and identity. The logo is based on the polygon, the universal language of game developers. Seasun could now develop bold, new stories for a global audience in its own right and in its own original way.

Gaming's new legend

At Seasun, the average age of an employee is 26, its culture is known as ‘Big 5’ (meaning ‘forever in the fifth year of university’). Employees pick nap times, teams and projects – they make their own successes. Highly spirited, ambitious and now powered by a new vision and identity, Seasun can reach the world with brilliant games. And it can look to the future of games, created, not made in China.

This is the beginning of a new chapter for Seasun. With 2 million players online every day in China on their titles, they are acquiring new studios in the UK and USA, developing games for different platforms, and they will rollout out the new brand naturally across new games developed for a growing global audience.

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