Will a giant of space communications change our future?

SES and Space X are launching the first ever reusable rocket to connect us at the highest possible speeds and quality. And because the new reusable technology has massive cost advantages, it will enable leaps forward for entertainment experiences, government operations, smart cities, the list is endless. SES already connects military, disaster recovery and border surveillance for nations. It offers healthcare to deprived and disaster-hit regions of the world. Its impact on our lives is far-reaching and pioneering, with fully integrated e-mergency, e-learning, e-banking, e-lections and e-health all on the horizon.

Beyond Frontiers

We are working with leadership teams at SES to transform the business at every level, inspiring radical new thinking and innovation. The new brand idea, ‘Beyond Frontiers’ is the launch pad for SES to be a world-shaping business, a progressive partner to the Zuckerbergs, the Musks and the Pages of today and tomorrow. 

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