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Sky Broadband 01

The story

Broadband is a huge part of our lives. So much so, that we don't really want to have to think about it. Sky Broadband is totally unlimited and that means you can do more of the things you want without having to worry. Our campaign repositioned the way people think about Sky Broadband a quality broadband provider with a product to suit their needs.

Sky Broadband 02

How did we bring it to life

Visually, we used a bright, eye-catching colour gradient that felt like it went on forever. With the Sky logo being so strongly linked with TV, we needed to make sure people knew this was a broadband ad. So we added in the broadband blips over the 'i' in the copy in each execution. We also brought in The Cloud symbol for wifi hotspots and lightening bolt for fibre. Words-wise, the headlines encourage people to rethink what they were getting from their current provider by asking straight-talking questions or putting statements in a confident tone.

And rather than bang on about megabytes, we wanted to show what the real benefit of unlimited broadband was. So we listed out some of the great everyday things that Sky Broadband Unlimited would give you more of

The result

Over the period that the campaign ran, Sky added more customers than BT and overtook TalkTalk to become the third biggest broadband provider in the UK. Sometimes being demanding works!

Sky Broadband 03

Sky Wifi

Demanding more from your broadband continues with free WiFi out and about when Sky purchase The Cloud.

Sky Broadband 05


Following on from our Unlimited Broadband and The Cloud campaigns, we've helped Sky launch their new super fast Fibre broadband with a brand identity and national advertising campaign.

We created multicoloured fibre optic cables and paired them with a playful brand language that's so fast the headlines get stuck together.

In a very competitive space Sky's Fibre brand sits apart from the crowd. Optimistic, spectacular and full of fun, it's Fibre from the entertainment company.