New heroes

Boys are taught that they can be anything: sporting legends, action heroes, business magnates. These story threads are the fabric of Indian society, as they are across the world. Nearly 10 years ago, Star Plus recognised they could help to give women a different story and show that they could be more. Since then their target audience, the middle-class urban woman, has changed. Where once she wanted autonomy, always with her family’s contentment, now she wants to be an influencer and to impact the world.

Star Plus understands the Indian woman’s new found power in context. Her independence does not mean individualism, it is rooted in relationships.

Heroing the characters' inner strength and power, from idea to execution

Partnering with agencies across the world to deliver the concept across all media

The limitless power of women

Family and tradition are still part of the new Indian woman’s identity, but now she wants relationships to fulfil her. She does not reject marriage but wants romance and partnership. She wants to achieve her ambitions but with her family’s support. Star Plus is her trusted friend and partner showing her what is possible, showing her that she can truly impact the world, with everyone behind her.

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Nayi Soch

At a time of rapid socio-economic change, the brand idea 'Nayi Soch' (new thinking) gives Star Plus the platform to deliver the message that the power of women is limitless. To express this new energy and intensity, we take Star Plus from their brightly shining star identity to the 'Supernova' (a star that suddenly increases in brightness because of an explosive change). In all of our treatments, the stars of India’s favourite shows stand strong and proud, the Supernova surrounding them, showing women across the country who they could be. We partner with Mathematic and weareseventeen to bring the images to life in the real world and on screen. 

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Progress for women, is progress for all

By 2030, India will have the biggest middle class consumer market in the world. Women will play a growing part in the emerging middle class and in the development of the country. We will continue to work with Star Plus to help create a progressive story for women and for India. 

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