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Could India become the biggest nation in sport?

Never afraid to take a big bet, Star TV makes a milestone decision to invest big in sport across India. Star Sports' ambition is to trigger a nationwide sporting revolution by opening up incredible possibilities to India's young people. Creating a ‘multi-sport, multi-language, multi-platform’ strategy allows us to help the new network access and engage a grassroots movement in sport – and to take broadcasting to the next level.

Everyone's a hero

‘Inspiring the hero’ within every young Indian gives Star Sports an important role in the lives of millions of young viewers across the country. It could become an icon for a generation.

This went beyond a shiny new set of channel brands, this was a movement for the next generation of sports fans and stars.

A new era for India

Star Sports now has the potential to trigger a new era of sport in India and invite everyone to take part in creating it. The brand isn’t positioned alongside other sports broadcasters, but amongst the greatest sports brands in the world.  

Stars of the future

The revolution is about to kick off. Star Sports is creating exciting opportunities from grassroots to glory and nurturing new role models. They are encouraging young boys and girls to come together and aspire to great things.