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Created in collaboration with Transport for London and Virgin Medias Wifi service, is a mobile-first site, designed to bring a little inspiration to your daily commute. Extracts from new releases, audiobook clips and author interviews can all be found at the URL, all you have to do is flip on your Wifi and away you go. With new content added everyday, this is fantastic way of livening up peoples trips with a dose of the unexpected.

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This partnership takes the written word beyond the page to inspire and entertain travellers on the London Underground and celebrates the stories, writing and ideas that have shaped Penguin over the past eighty years, as well as the incredible talent that we publish now as part of Penguin Random House.

Hannah Telfer, group director of consumer and digital development at Penguin Random House UK

Were proud to have been involved in the project from the outset, defining the original concept and creative direction. Our team then designed the sites interface, as well as creating an advertising campaign to publicise the launch. In bringing this idea to life, we took our lead from Penguins iconic branding, whilst also giving a nod to the London Undergrounds design style.

The basic layout of a tube line was repurposed with Penguin colours and illustrations by Rob Lowe, adding an unexpected twist to something familiar. Summer of Penguin is all about giving people the chance to go somewhere different, and our design reflected that spirit of discovery and adventure.

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So if youre on the underground and are looking for something to read, be sure to flip on your Wifi and head over to