Can a complex global issue be simplified without being reduced?

Our markets are a stream of indexed values – FTSE, Dow Jones, SSE Composite. They are a benchmark of our economic success. But what about our economic failure? We don’t seem to index that. So we created one that would count down the number of people living in extreme poverty, from 1.1 billion to zero. The GAP Index shrinks with development programmes, economic progress, better education and other advances. It grows with war, crop failures and other catastrophic events. Our collective aim is to make the GAP Index the true measure of our performance.


Turning data into inspiration and action

The GAP Index is not just an intelligent number; it shows that change is possible. Those with power and influence, but apathetic to the problem, can see that they can affect real-world change on the grandest scale.

If you want to know what will turbocharge the fight against extreme poverty – it’s data.


An infallible index

venturethree is working to create a global standard and the most rigorous index of economic failure possible – one that can be used by the world’s foremost influencers, one that represents open data at its best.