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Could finance join the trust economy?

There are some industries still ripe for transformation. As big banks and financial institutions continue to grapple with the fallout from Lehman, and now Brexit, the need for agile, people-focused Fintech companies is real.

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TransferWise has a great product that enables people to exchange money peer-to-peer, at the real exchange rate, for a tiny and transparent fee. They are investing resources in their product but aren’t fully aware of the profound changes they are making to the system. We help them to understand their impact and ready them to take on the entire banking sector.

TransferWise is rewriting the rules: allowing our cash to flow, as freely as we do.

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Money without borders

‘Money without borders’ defines the long term vision and wider role of TransferWise in people’s lives. Bigger than the functional flow of money, it is about living in the skin of new consumers, understanding how deeply people could benefit from the simplicity, freedoms and flexibility offered by technology.

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Championing trust

Balancing disruptive intent with a brand expression and experience that championed trust and security, without ever losing its punch is a challenge. But partnering with teams across the business, we deliver. One execution was the ‘fast flag’, a global symbol of the new movement.

Now valued at more than $1 billion

With the foundations for progress laid, we launch TransferWise in the US and help to shape the values and culture to push company forwards. TransferWise continues to grow fast, and is one of the few unicorn tech companies in the UK. With a fresh round of financing secured from the likes of Andreessen Horrowitz, this is only the beginning of the revolution.