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Unity Media 01

The story

The brand was lacking in energy. The Unitymedia shops had no presence on the high street. And communications were flat and lacking any emotion.

We needed to change its corporate appearance, and re-energise the brand with a fresh new identity.

Unity Media 02

How did we bring it to life?

We decided it was time to introduce Germany to the bloom. It was already the established face of UPC's amazing digital offering in 10 European markets and it had recently been adopted by the parent company Liberty Global with the aim of creating a unified 'one company' identity across all markets.

We created a supercharged version of the bloom for Unitymedia. Multi-coloured, with more energy, magic and intrigue - to represent all the brilliant digital entertainment Unitymedia brings to its customers. We create a dynamic brand world around the new bloom, introducing new graphic devices, colours and typography to bring the brand to life on and off screen.

We partnered with award-winning advertising agency Kempertrautmann to create a launch campaign for the new brand (below).