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The story

Our idea was everyday magic. A new way to connect with audiences. Positioning the brand as more human and accessible. Connecting people more emotionally to the digital world of UPC: the HD TV, the high-speed internet and the connections with their loved ones over the phone.

Working across each and every brand touch-point, from on-air idents, to environmental graphics, we worked with UPC's teams and agencies to launch the new brand across 10 European markets.

And over the past few years, as UPC's product portfolio has grown stronger, we've worked with them to continually evolve the brand, and introduce new and innovative sub-brands.

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How did we bring it to life?

We created a unique and memorable icon to be at the heart of the new brand, the bloom. Organic and full of personality, but perfectly at home in the digital world. A symbol that could bring people the entertainment they loved.

With the bloom came a fresh new colour palette, graphic devices, a modern typeface and a more open and inviting tone of voice. And UPC began to look and sound like an entertainment company.

This year, we've taken the bloom even further, creating a new 3D form for the icon, to give it more stature, confidence and quality. And we've introduced a more graceful animation style, to signify the growth of the brand and to keep communications fresh.

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