By 2050, the world’s population will stand at around 9.77 billion and the current global food system will be unable to sustain us.

When UPL became the world’s 5thbiggest crop solutions company in 2018, they envisioned their immediate future as rising through the ranks. But when looking at their competitors, the only differentiation they saw between each was the numbers on their financial reports.

UPL were looking for a way to stand out and do better while still growing. The challenge was in establishing a unique UPL – on par with its contemporaries while blazing a new path.

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In doing so, what emerged was the opportunity to tackle the issues behind the world’s future food shortage by establishing a truly purpose-lead brand strategy and identity. Itdefines the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ for UPL. It’s a purpose with the power to change the agriculture industry and global food systems.We call it OpenAgTM.

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OpenAgTMis an open agriculture network for the world, that feeds sustainable growth for all – no limits, no borders. ‘All’ can often be misused and misconstrued. OpenAgTM does neither – it can directly benefits everyone, from delivering better access to food products that are either limited or absent, such as fruit and vegetables in developing nation, or giving fair prices to independent growers and farmers.

Modern agriculture is one of the world’s most scientifically advanced industries, but its linear supply chain model is archaic and prevents positive change. Driven by technology, OpenAgTM has the ambition to replace that rigid modelwith a flexible network of new ideas, new connections, and new possibilities.

It takes into account the challenges facing agriculture - climate change, the need for biodiversity, reducing waste, and the rise of the consumer voice, for example – and begins to answer the question, ‘how do we feed the world as the population gets bigger and our resources become scarcer?’

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OpenAg at work

OpenAgTM allows UPL to step beyond the confines of its industry, to engage and work with those who share a similar vision of sustainability. As a purpose, and set of values and behaviours, it’s created a new culture within UPL, one that thousands of employees are rallying around to build a valuable future for the company and for the world.

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