Creating a one stop shop for every switch

Comparing your energy, broadband or mobile contract is low on everyone’s to-do list. It’s complicated and time-consuming. Not to mention a waste of a Saturday afternoon. That’s why we positioned Uswitch as the one place you can go to get more of what actually matters to you. Whether it’s winning at Fortnite because of faster broadband or treating yourself with the money you saved on your electricity bills.

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Business transformation

The idea of one place to switch everything has the power to change Uswitch’s entire business model. Instead of 2D caricatures, fluffy characters and brand gimmicks of competitors, we encouraged Uswitch to move out of their space entirely. To say goodbye to the ‘comparison site’ label and become a switching experience. ‘You, powered’, our brand idea, becomes a promise to Uswitch customers to get more of what actually matters – all in one place. Simple and empowering.

The power of U

There’s an inherent gift in the Uswitch name. ‘U’ is the most important word in our headlines and the core of our new logo. Both showing that the brand is about customers first and foremost. Our brand symbol is authoritative – nodding to the expertise of a business that has been consistently chosen as number one in energy, broadband and mobile switches for years. But it’s also versatile, allowing the individuality of every ‘you’ to shine through.

A proper team effort

To build a successful switching experience, Uswitch needed to break silos and integrate teams to give the single customer view. For us, this began whilst we were exploring the brand. After all, no one knows Uswitch like the team who live and breathe it every day. That’s why we worked with their design team in our studio every week, mapping the customer journey, workshopping creative and testing the design system. All to ensure every need was met at every stage.

Collaborative doesn’t go far enough in explaining how v3 work. Working with them felt like an extension of our team. Our designers want to permanently move to their studio.

Jane Cook, Uswitch head of product design
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