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V3 started work with Top Right Group (formerly EMAP) last year. We developed brand strategies for its portfolio of independent businesses, including i2i Events Group, 4C Group, Lions Festivals and EMAP. And we developed new corporate Group branding, to better reflect its central role as a catalyst for growth, particularly internationally.

In March 2013, we were invited to help 4C set out the path for their Retail portfolio, a strategic intelligence, insight and trends business, comprising of WGSN (the world's trend forecaster), Planet Retail, homebuildlife and Denimhead. These products offer a combination of big data, deep intelligence and sharp creative judgement, designed to help style and retail customers get closer to certainty in uncertain times and to seize precise opportunities in accelerating markets

Our challenge was to clearly position and articulate the offer; shape the brand architecture to accommodate future products; and design the visual world.

A new brand was created, WGSN Group.

Wgsn 02

Now. New. Next.

We've unified the WGSN Group brand strategy and visual identity centered on the idea of 'Now. New. Next.

"We realised that our products, in combination, do something unique for style and retail businesses. For NOW, we look at today's markets and business developments. We discover and amplify NEW trends and where they're heading. And we forecast what's coming NEXT," Liz Moseley, Brand Marketing Director at Top Right Group, WGSN Group's parent entity.

The idea of 'Now. New. Next.' is expressed in a logo and bespoke typeface with an arrow device to signify forward momentum.

Wgsn 03

How did we bring it to life

"It's about maths & magic the power of data-based judgement and creative intuition so we've added vibrant colours and a fresh visual style that shows the unique balance of the hard and the soft."

Liz Moseley, Brand Marketing Director at Top Right Group continues:

"Our customers need a knowledge partner they can trust. They need both precise data and creative intuition to make the right things, in the right style, at the right time for their customers. This new brand identity signals our commitment to helping them do that, by expanding and enhancing a coherent global product portfolio of world class real time and future intelligence products under the WGSN Group name."

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