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Insurance is the business of risk, but could it be the business of progress too?

From transatlantic travel to pioneering brain surgery, nothing in the world happens without insurance. Out of this insight, a dramatically better insurance company, greater than the sum of its parts, could emerge. Thinking would change from inwardly about risk to outwardly about how insurance enables the world. 

XL and Catlin are professionals and experts. But it is their innovative cultures that set them apart.

Make your world go

Now talking about innovation, growth and impact, a bigger, bolder, brighter narrative is needed. We work extensively with both XL and Catlin people to create ‘Make your world go’, a positioning that embodies and unifies their driving, dynamic mindset. And it allows clients and stakeholders to see the true reach of XL Caitlin’s business.

Xl World

Fast Fast Forward

XL Catlin relaunches on a global scale with new commitments, a common culture, brand identity and communications. The tones and personalities of each brand are carefully married. The result is a brand that challenges the generic, static feel of the sector.

Xl Office
Xl Ipad 3

It has been almost a year since our acquisition of Catlin and we are now even more convinced that we are better matched to the future. We’re working every day to move onward so as to make progress.

Mike McGavick
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Looking ahead

The industry is beginning to shift again as fintech creates new P2P networks, revealing new opportunities. XL Catlin can now embrace change, and we’re looking ahead with them, making sure they are always in front.